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Who is RLM?

RLM noun  \relm\ : 

1. a royal domain; a kingdom

2. the space or domain where something prevails 

RLM is not an acronym.
It is a streamlined presentation of the concept that working with us opens a realm of possibilities.

RLM Events & Design was founded by women with expertise in fine dining, hospitality, consulting and leadership development. RLM was born from our realization that to be truly excellent at bringing the vision for an event to life, creative capability must blend seamlessly with polished execution. 

When you work with our team, you are gaining not only visionary creative guidance, but also the assurance that your event will be carried out with precision and professionalism.

As we design and build your event, we exist to make your realm a reality.

Meet The Team


Brigitte Fouch

Brigitte’s hospitality journey was sparked on a summer trip to Paris where she fell in love with the idea of daily croissants and a cheese course at every dinner. After completing culinary school and working in restaurants in Wisconsin and Michigan she landed in the culinary heart of the midwest; Chicago. 


Brigitte enjoys all aspects of events, especially the behind the scenes planning, and she has a sharp eye for structure and execution. She loves how celebrating draws people together, and maintains that no detail is too small. 


Brigitte enjoys hanging out at the dog beach with her Border Collie, Paploo, and will never turn down a glass of Champagne rosé


Jordyn Sotelo

Jordyn’s love for entertaining began with her grandmother who was known for curating special occasions for the family. Her great attention to detail, spontaneity, and warm amiability always inspired Jordyn's own approach to hospitality. Jordyn developed a passion for wine while working in some of Chicago's most iconic fine dining gems, which led her to become a Sommelier.

She has a strong conviction that wine and spirit education shouldn't be intimidating or boring, but lively and memorable!


Our Mission

We exist to come alongside our clients in trusted partnership to realize their vision with a consultative, relationship-driven approach through unparalleled delivery and execution.

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