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Value Driven

Relationship Focused

RLM Events & Design believes strongly in its mission to help build, uplift, and empower other women and minority-led businesses. Founded on the merit to deliver one of Chicago’s most transformative experiences, RLM Events & Design emphasizes the importance of building relationships with its clients and its community.

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Kyleen Gray

Pastry Chef

Award-winning pastry chef Kyleen Gray blends modern flavor and contemporary design to classic desserts and celebratory cakes. From French Pastry School to Michelin-starred restaurants such as Everest and Acadia, Kyleen brings a level of esteemed talent to the table in collaboration with RLM. For those who love an occasion filled with florals, pastries, and cakes, this is a partnership dream come true. Swoon over Kyleen’s work below.

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Legacy Leaders

Legacy Leaders is a mentorship program providing Chicago's young minds with tools to amplify their maximum potential. RLM Events & Design partners with Legacy Leaders to create experiences that help propel teens, college students, and adults to succeed in all of their endeavors. Once a month, RLM Studio offers a space for their mentors to create an environment that allows positive change and opportunity and a chance to connect with the future leaders of our city. 

 Chicago, IL

After a ten-year commitment to fine-dining and Michelin-rated restaurants, Chicago-based chef Francis Pascal joins forces in collaboration with RLM Events & Design. Together we expand our visionary expertise to create Chicago’s most transformative and intimate private dinner parties. 

Charity dinners and seasonal menus are just the beginning of this independent and ever-evolving partnership.

Francis Pascal

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